Jack Powers

BB Gun Collection

Jack Powers with Jason Rob Matt at Daisy
Jack Powers with Jason, Rob, and Matt at Daisy.

Jack Powers (d. 1982) was the Public Relations Executive at Daisy for over 20 years. During his tenure, he acquired the most unique guns and his family has made them available for purchase. There are several one-of-kind guns that were either prototypes or never mass produced for the public. See below for details.

"Special thanks to my good and capable friend, Jack Powers"
— Cass S. Hough, Former President of Daisy Manufacturing Company
Foreward, "It's a Daisy", June 16th, 1976

"To Jack Powers - In appreciation for conceiving the idea for the "Buffalo Bill Scout" and for your faith in presenting the program to the youth of America"
— "Buffalo" Bill Cody, Western movie actor

"Special gratitude goes to the men at Daisy/Heddon and Daisy International Air Gun Museum; particularly Jack Powers"
— Arni T. Dunathan - Acknowledgements: The American B.B Gun - A Collector's Guide